Thursday, July 7, 2011

shiny silver

I saw several tees in stores with some silver decor on it, 
but if you know me a bit by now, 
I had to find a way to make it on my own.

... Have on hand...

* a white t-shirt
* silver Pebeo fabric paint
* brush
* my computer to browse through images...

picture in the center: koziol flower cut out coaster


* Downloaded the image of the Koziol flower coasters.
* Enlarge the picture until it fit the page and print it twice
* put my t-shirt onto a cardboard
* cut the printouts and placed them overlapping between the cardboard and the t-shirt and pinned
* painted the flowers and let dry
* iron on reverse the day after
* easy J Crew-ish effect with none of the price !

p.s. ... have you noticed how the silver fabric paint shines? ... and it is not stiff.
I can't stop loving painting on fabric :)

xox, d.
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