Thursday, July 7, 2011

shiny silver

I saw several tees in stores with some silver decor on it, 
but if you know me a bit by now, 
I had to find a way to make it on my own.

... Have on hand...

* a white t-shirt
* silver Pebeo fabric paint
* brush
* my computer to browse through images...

picture in the center: koziol flower cut out coaster


* Downloaded the image of the Koziol flower coasters.
* Enlarge the picture until it fit the page and print it twice
* put my t-shirt onto a cardboard
* cut the printouts and placed them overlapping between the cardboard and the t-shirt and pinned
* painted the flowers and let dry
* iron on reverse the day after
* easy J Crew-ish effect with none of the price !

p.s. ... have you noticed how the silver fabric paint shines? ... and it is not stiff.
I can't stop loving painting on fabric :)

xox, d.


  1. wow, thats amazingly smart!

  2. this turned out really cute!


  3. Another beautiful shirt - I love it! Thanks for following me again. Do you remember what week I featured you at Mel Dreams Often? I'm want to rebuild all of my posts.

  4. What a fun idea! It looks beautiful! :)

  5. I love that you see it, figure out a less costly way, and then do it. I rend to save the photo, think about it, plan it out, make a list of supplies to get, and then forget to do it.

    You are the realization of inspiration!

  6. Love the pattern and the sparkly paint!

  7. That is awesome! Might have to try this one myself!

  8. love it! i'm your newest follower! gonna stick around and snoop a bit!!

  9. Cute! I like the sparkles!:)

  10. So cute! Love the silver too!

  11. That is a great idea to trace over your image onto your shirt. I thought maybe you took lots of time to cut out a stencil then painted over the whole thing. you are so innovative. Thanks for a great idea!

  12. Love your shimmery glimmery t-shirt! Great work!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  13. this is fun! i have been getting into upcycling t-shirts too! i love the money saved (and the compliments from people)

  14. Amazing! I wonder where I could get such paints - living in Poland sometimes sucks bad.

  15. Love it, and going to try now :)

  16. Hi! I've discovered your blog few days ago and I love it! I wonder where is the button to become a follower by blogger..I can't find it!
    Btw, this post was totally inspirational for me..I had a white tshirt and I was looking for the RIGHT project..glitter are always the answer! :)
    so,thank you for this idea!
    I have a question..when the paint will dry (12hours) I have to wash and iron or only iron? and when you wash this tshirt do you use delicate soaps? ...I don't wanna make my glitters go away :)
    ops,this comment became very long..I hope you'll answer me! Kisses!!
    ps. sorry for my english..while u're 1/4 italian, i'm 100% :P

  17. Grazie della risposta :) ..non so neanche cosa sia una no-reply email,andrò a documentarmi! :)
    Quando la maglietta sarà pronta ti linkerò nel mio post e potrai vedere il risultato finale!
    Nel frattempo, continua così perchè vai alla grande! un bacione!
    ps. ora sono tua follower :)

  18. I love this....can you use acrylic silver paint instead of just fabric paint? Would it still work well?

    I know when I get acrylic paint on my clothes it doesn't wash out!


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