Saturday, July 2, 2011

NYC by me #2


Living in a complex society means boundaries and limitation.

oh well, the way I see it: New York is the ultimate complexity.
If you walk around town for few blocks, pay attention of
all the thing that you're 

I do like some of these NOs, the don't honk is my favorite one, although either nobody care about it, or they aren't enforcing it at all. 
 The 'no dogs allowed' in parks, lawns and grass areas didn't quite fit for us (me and my dog).
And while the NYPD will not bother to give you a fine if you honk in a 'don't honk' area, you can be 100% sure that they will 'warn you' to keep your dog outside the grass area while you're walking next to the Hudson River (it really happened to me, Lucky wasn't peeing or anything, her paws were on the grass, just that).

After much frustration, long night walks to try to get Lucky less scared of the noisy (and honky) city, her getting sick, we went to Italy for the summer and Lucky 'decided' that she would be better off being an ...italian bitch ;)
Now she has all the grass she wants, Birba and Spota (and Gilda, but she counts only 1/4) to play with, and grandparents (my parents) to spoil her rotten.

I am the one having to deal with the loneliness, she is definitely having fun!

xox, d.

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