Monday, July 11, 2011

mouth blown glass

In this part of the world, summer is mild, the breeze is cool and even in July, you can have a fair amount of cloudy if not rainy days.
...Bummer. ... Or not.

Take the chance of a not beach-perfect day to wonder around and see what this island has to offer.

Today I stopped by this small, amazing place in West Tisbury. 

Being italian, I've been several times to Murano - Venice and see artisans working with glass, and every time, it's a one of a kind experience.

Hand made, mouth blown glass. 

I could spend in a glass shop every rainy day and even most of the sunny days, 
... probably.

These guys are amazing.

these two pieces are mesmerizing!

more gorgeousness

the birth of a mouth blown twirled vase ... amazing

A mouth blown glass will not look the same after seeing the amount of work, perfectionism, patience, passion and dedication that goes into that.  

Love this 'inspiration' paper on the wall. 

and yes, they do have an online store...

xox, d.
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