Sunday, July 31, 2011

men's shirts applique tee

...another refashion with scraps!

(in case you missed it, this tank was also refashioned with scraps)

Today is my last day at Martha's Vineyard,  my last chance to wear an 'all white outfit',
since in New York white doesn't last white for a mere second!
...Sported with the aqua & pearls star ...

My husband has to be all dressed up for work.
...Which means a lot of crispy whites.
and because he travels all over the world, he finally found a great tailor in India that makes him gorgeous suits and shirts at a fraction of the price (I believe I gave my husband the 'bargain bug', yup it's that contagious).

Once a year, he has a bunch of shirts made and he comes home with a lot of tiny pieces of fabric scraps... in my world this means party time!!

I made this shirt with some of the white scraps, taking the inspiration from the J.Crew "Mum Applique Art tee"..

Looking at the J.Crew detail, I cut a lot of shapes that sort of looks like pieces of an anemone, and hand stitched overlapping them over the t-shirt with a light grey thread. 
I have two of these 'anemone' shapes: one on the bottom side and one placed vertically on the other side, just next to the arm.
I liked the idea of using different fabric and textures, in fact... I like my version better ;)
I didn't fray checked the pieces, so now that the shirt has been washed several times, all the fray edges are showing off ... love it!!

xox, d.
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