Monday, July 25, 2011

the girotondo tee

means "ring around the rosie" in italian.
It is also the name of an Alessi's collection.

yes, this tee refashion was inspired by... a tray.
Alessi round tray

This is not the first time that I took inspiration from some kind of design originally intended for the home and translated into something to wear. 
...and this is a great way to cover up several random blueberry (and raspberry too) spots on your t-shirt!

Get your patience ready, and cut out this guy's shape out of an old even more messed out shirt about...  25 times. (mine is about 2-1/2" high and 1-3/4" wide)

Place the first ones on the spots and work around in circle, like they are holding hands. 
... and stitch with a contrasting thread.
Easy, peasy (but very boring indeed)

Just for fun, I left some of the "legs", "arms" and "heads" hanging passed by the hem of the shirt... just because.

I hand stitched all these little guys, but it can be done with a sewing machine, of course. But I do get anal OCD and like the hand stitch detail a lot better. Shame on me!!

xox, d.
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