Thursday, July 28, 2011

beaded shorts

finally done
...and ready to wear!

... Remember many moons ago when I stained with tea a pair of khaki shorts gone bad?

... Since the tea stain was a success, I decided to give them a "facelift" and this is how they turned out after I started to work on these, but for one reason or another, being left in a corner for almost a month.
Yesterday we had a thunderstorm here, and then it was a little too cold and foggy for the beach: perfect day to finish my project!

gryphon shorts:

Inspired by a pair of Gryphon shorts, I got my sequins, beads and thread out and started sewing.
After being done with the first leg, I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the other leg symmetric or not.
I opted out for a non-symmetry since I know myself well enough that if it didn't turned out exactly 100% symmetric it would drive me insane. (OCD, anyone?)

Random is a better option, sometimes!!

This project is a bit time consuming (about 5 hours total), but hey, a heck of a way to make your khaki shorts look waaaayyyy different!

xox, d.

will *<:) party here!
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