Wednesday, July 20, 2011

asymmetric ruffle

This is another t-shirt refashion made in my 'pre-blogging' era: I made it at about the same time of this other ruffle tank top.

This one could go in the 'cute' ruffles category, although the asymmetric ruffle and the randomness take some of the cuteness away ;)

What did I use? ... a grey basic tank top and ... leftovers. My favorite raw materials ;)
I'm wearing it today with my eyelets shorts!

--> How to:

* make three strips of about 1-1/2" x 30" with some light mesh aqua and ruffle them
* place the ruffles around the neckline and the back in a way that won't follow the neckline (one of the ruffle is overlapped on the shoulder and looks like a long single piece)
* cut out lots of round shapes from some turquoise and light blue fabrics and lace, most are 3/4" diameter, some are bigger: there's no right or wrong, and sew it in random order overlapping here and there
* one piece of about 10" turquoise lace that I ruffled just a little and placed under the ruffle in the front.

Hope you like this easy way to spruce up a basic tank top in very little time (and using your bits of scraps!!)

xox, d.
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