Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wrapped bracelet @ 17

'E' turned 17 yesterday.
I mailed her this.
(she's getting something else, but this is the handmade one)

☆ ☆   Happy birthday, E.! ☆ ☆ 

It's a personalized take on the famous wrapped bracelet, with enough purple in it, since it's her favorite color.

--> Here's what you need

* leather cord - depends how many times you want the bracelet to wrap around your wrist, this is 18" long, so you need 36" of leather cord
* upholstery thread
* needle
* a two holes button of your choice (make sure the leather will pass through the holes)
* beads of your selection - I went for a Swarovsky 6mm faceted light purple and same size faceted black onix
* a piece of masking tape
* glue and scissors

First of all, choose your pattern: I decided to go with 4 purple beads, 3 black ones, 4 purple etc...

1- pass the leather cord into your button and find the middle part of your cord
2- tape down the button and the cord and make a know with your thread, leave about 5" tail on the knot
3- thread the first bead, let the bead go all the way in the middle of the two cords on the front of your work
4- wrap the top cord around and pass the needle through your bead
5- rethread the same bead again (all the beads need to be threaded twice to have a nice, firm finish job)
6- go on with the next bead and repeat the same operation over and over until you've reached the desired length
7- don't worry if you get to the end of your thread, make a knot, passing the needle through the loops, leave the tails long and keep beading.
At the end, thread each tail and go back threading two or three beads to weave the ends in.
cut and place a small drop of glue on each knot.
8- Do not weave in the very first knot, twist the leather and wrap it around stitch few times back and forth and knot it: Thiis will be your closure. Place a drop of glue to secure it.
9 -At the end, knot the leather cord very close to the last bead, and make two more knots at about 1" apart.
These will be the button holes or clasp for the bracelet!

Wrapped in a glitter tissue paper,
punched two stars  into a sandwich bag
closed it with a purple ribbon.

If I know her well enough, 
she will also keep the wrapper :)

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)

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