Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tea stain: a success!

Well, I'm so happy to report than the tea stain I tried on my shorts has been a success!
Not only the stains aren't visible anymore, 
but the shorts are darker now and lost their 'peachy' color.
Yayyyyy !!!

Here's how they look like after being pressed.

It doesn't look that much different from the 'before picture', but blame it all on the photographer (moi)... the color is much darker, is now a light hazelnut and I was actually surprised to see that there aren't any darker or lighter area.

I left the shorts in the basin with the tea for the whole day and night, I did check every hour or so until the evening to be sure that they won't get too dark, but saw that the stain was working its way very slowly.
I believe it has to do with the fact that the shorts are 95% cotton and 5% elastane.
In the morning, I rinsed them several times in warm like water, until the water came out completely clear.
Then, hang to dry. 
I could see once dry that the spots that I was trying to cover up didn't show up, therefore made the effort of plugging the iron and press them.... and...

I'm now in full action refashion mode... I can give you only a little tease because this is all I have done so far.
I'm into so many different projects these days that I really hope I'll have enough time to complete them. 

For now, this is what's going on - on my kitchen table :)

xox, d.

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