Friday, June 24, 2011

powder room complete!

I have this cabinet that has 8 small glass doors.

I've got on a hunt and found on ebay 8 coral branches knobs (they used to sell these at Anthropologie until a couple of years ago), I couldn't find the red ones anymore, but I bought them anyway (gotta love ebay, paid 8 knobs for the price that Anthro used to sell one!) and spray painted them red.
Since these knobs are metal, I bought a spray paint that is used to touch ups for cars.
These cans are much smaller than usual spray paint, so I ended up having to go to the store twice.
...crafting whooops...

To spray paint these knobs, I dig a hole into a styrofoam piece of something that i found in the garage, and place the screws of the knobs in with the heads down, then screw the knobs in, so I could paint without having 'blind spots' on the parts and having to turn them up and down.

To have a perfect coverage I needed three coats of spray paint, being careful of spraying in between of the branches and underneath.

I can call my powder bathroom complete now!

brighten up in blue, white and coral red - AFTER 
very much blue - BEFORE

brighten up in blue, white and coral red - AFTER 

- the big red vase in the left corner is an old Ikea
- check up here  the curtain & towels pattern
- and here the soap dish and other ceramic decor
- I already had the coral candles, just put them together to make my 'own reef'
- the silver turtle it's a friend's present, and she's pretty happy now with the whole 'under the ocean' theme going on ;)

This whole bathroom redo was a lot of small but time consuming projects.
... glad it's over!!

Well... almost over: my mom has a leftover roll of nice white and blue paper that I would like to use to cover the inside of the eight doors cabinet. It would bright up and look much better, I know.
But I measured the inside of the doors and they are all slightly different.

Which means... It can wait. 
Maybe until next year :)

xox, d.

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