Friday, June 10, 2011

perfect black leather shoes

My mom found these stunning Sergio Rossi booties for a real bargain, 
in a bright purple
(bargain shopping being yet another thing that runs in the DNA)
A little too bright, and very very much purple.
She knew I could make her the perfect black booties, so she got them anyway.

...and she is a happy mom.

Dying leather ain't easy.
I saw lots of DIY around using all kind of media, but I have serious doubts that these shoes will still look good after  couple of wear.

Our shoes pay the toll at every step, plus the weather conditions  can really make our shoes's life expectancy even shorter; by using the wrong dye, paint will tend to rip and get scuffed.

I tried this dye several times, and I am positive that this is the ultimate black.
A black that will last black.
It does come also in blue and red, but have never tried, so I can't say.
It's called Nero d'Inferno (hell's black) and it's produced in Italy, but I found out that it is sold everywhere because... it's largely used for graffiti :( ... Probably because it lasts.

The Nero d'Inferno doesn't contain anilin and it's safe to use on shoes, 
it is though, very very unforgivable. 
If you make a mistake, 
you have to live with it. 
Talking about permanent...

First: prep your surface.
Not just one layer of newspaper... better safe then sorry.
Get your crappy crafty clothes on.
Gloves are a smart idea, too.

Then, prep your shoes.

* Place the shoe form inside and stuff the open parts with newspapers.
* In case you have a light sole that you don't want to paint, you'll have to use masking tape, in this case I didn't need it.
* Gently wipe the shoes with some alcohol to remove the extra coating/waxing on top.
* Now you're ready to use the Nero d'Inferno.
* Use a brush and paint all over.
* Let it dry, and give it another coat. (in the 3rd pic you can see one shoe with one coat and the other one with two coats)

* Once dried, you'll see some kind of iridescent shades, don't worry, it's ok.
* At this point, apply your regular shoe cream in black with a brush.
* Let dry and shine your shoes with a soft brush.

Brand new black shoes that will last.

Your welcome, mom.

xox, d.

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