Saturday, June 25, 2011

NYC by me #1

I'm heading back to New York City today.
So I thought to start something that I will update periodically: NYC the way I see it.
I asked on my FB page if anybody would be interested in, and seems that you would.

and NYC... it's not always "as seen on tv" in Sex and the City... ;)

Nearby from my home there is a weird, abandoned building that used to be a candy factory.

If you ask me, it's just a messed up building.
Apparently, it is the 'must stop' for many artists, photographers, models, 
photo shoots, wannabes, 
tourists, and random people.

The prettiest thing that happened on or around the building is now totally gone, and it was written in a nice handwriting on the sidewalk (spray paint in a nice calligraphy isn't easy!).

I took this picture few days after we moved to New York:
I was stressed out, sad to leave my life behind in warm Texas (ok, HOT)
and exhausted of packing & unpacking for the past month.
But something on a sidewalk was there to remind me that...
Life is Wonderful
with pretty ♡ hearts ♡ on the 'i'

On the side of the building there is a huge pasted paper by Shepard Fairey.
Not my cup of tea... As a matter of fact, I never took a picture of it while they were installing it, nor while finished.
I might regret it, or not. (probably not)
If you're a fan of this artist, google Candy Factory New York Shepard Fairey: you can't miss it, that thing is HUGE.

I would like to see this building remodeled, keeping it own lofty personality, but cleaned up, and eventually up for rent or for sale.
I know it has potentials (in my previous life I was in the building business).
Looks like it won't happen any time soon, though :(

Every now and then something pops up at the candy factory that makes me smile, and I too, take a picture (I'm not changing my mind it is still a messed up building, I would trade for something not as 'edgy' but cleaner and without graffiti, and be happy to give up a smile or two ... but this is just me.)

These are my all time favorites, clockwise from the top left:
- crocheted lock with rainbow pastel yarn (it's NY: the yarn turned brown/grey in a day)
-... lost liberty silhouette
- the old vacuum cleaner painted in pastel colors hanged on the pole 
(I didn't take a good picture, but it has eyes and mouth)
- Andy loves soup, oh, well: we all know that ;)

At some point this building was just a messed up building 
with random graffiti.
What is the switch that turns 'abandoned building' 
into 'urban cool icon'?
(I'm not asking myself 'why', just scared of the answer)

The fine line between vandalism, fashion and art.
(but for me art and beauty is something that 
should have a connection,
and this building as it is now 
can be anything BUT beautiful)

xox, d.
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