Monday, June 20, 2011

natural mosquito fighter: bats

We are fortunate enough that don't live in an area too bad for mosquitoes, but when summer approach, we do get bit every now and then.
Also, this summer is been raining so much that in the first day of sun we could see clouds of baby mosquitoes flying around.

We could go the spray can way, but of course, we didn't.


My dad bought a bat box and we are now hoping that the few bats that we can see at sunset will come and stay with us... not that I'm a big fan of rats with wings... but hey, these guys can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes per hour!

We  my dad put the bat house under the roof of the house, in a quiet spot, and we're hoping they'll like it.

If they will, knowing myself, these bats will need names, because if they're protecting us from bugs they are as welcome as pets, I'm thinking to go with the names of the characters from Bat-man :)

Few rules to have a successful populated bat house:
- the bat box need to be mounted on a wall, pole or tree about 25 ft above ground
- a water source near by  (we have a creek at one side of the property, yay!!)
- trees and flowers
- place bat box in a full sun area, the temperature inside the box should be between 80 to 100F during summer (unless you're in an extreme heat area)
... last but not least... be prepared to clean up some guano... eeewwwwww...

xox, d.
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