Tuesday, June 7, 2011

monogrammed towels

This is a very easy way to make personalized towels with cross stitch, 
suitable for beginners, 
and the final effect is NOT beginners-like!

A monogrammed towel set is a great personalized gift.
(In this case, a gift to myself...)

I bought a set of towels that have an aida cloth medallion at the bottom, and cross stitched the "D" using the pattern pictured below.

You need only two different colors of embroidered floss, and you're done. 
I used two shades of light blue, but you can also do the motif in contrasting colors, endless selections :)

Here's the pattern I used: sorry, my scanner here looks to be dead, and it's old enough that the downloading drivers aren't working; therefore, enjoy my pictures! 
By click on the image, you should have a big enough picture to print and hopefully, it's clear enough!
(since these are cutouts from an italian magazine, H, J, K,W and Y are missing... sorry)


welcome to my bathroom !
...mmmhhh... this sounds kind of weird!!

xox, d.
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