Tuesday, June 28, 2011

McQueen inspiration

When I went to see the McQueen exhibition in May, 
I saw a pair of sandals that got me right into DIY mode.

I knew I had a pair of creamy sandals (bought ages ago) that were right for the job.

left picture took by me at the exhibition - right one from the book 

All I needed were two rosary necklaces 
(and the will power to argue with the streets vendors in Canal St.).

a pair of strappy sandals
two rosaries
strong upholstery thread - needle - pliers
total time required: 30 minutes
haggling with the street vendor: 40 minutes

--> HOW TO:

* buy a rosary that will be slightly longer than the circumference than your sandals
* remove the clasps with pliers
* start sewing few small stitches where you want the cross to hang down
* go all the way around - because there is an elasticized side, i left the stitches very loose on that side and the chain too
* stitch all the way around until the two sides connect 

Dear Alexander McQueen, may you R.I.P.  

xox, d.

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