Monday, June 6, 2011

KIP - knit in progress

Finally, I started my new sweater.

It took me forever to make up my mind, and when I was ready to start, there was my husband's business trip to Brazil that I tagged along with, and then getting ready to come here in Italy... and lots of other things... yada yada yada.

Anyhow... the thing is: it's a knit in progress!
... and for the joy of me, looks like is growing fast :)

Some more info to the decision making.

I was so torn about what to pick, because I like them all.

Then I took off the list the two 'unraveled look' ones, since I made already something on that kind of general idea (winter sweaters that I made last looooong winter. I'll show details in the future), and because hand knitting is time consuming, and something that I would like to last quite a bit, instead of having something that is so 'this very moment look'. 

I hope you've got my point.
I guess I was afraid of putting a lot of work on something that I would be tired in a couple of months.

So I was left with the Rag & Bone and the Vince Wide... and I picked: 
*** rumbling drums ***

original pictures from - collage by me - knit in progress by me :)

... the Rag & Bone one...

I like the subtle stripes, and the fact that is something that won't be too heavy, since the stripes created by the drop stitch pattern will make it airy.

Normally the drop stitch is used in garter knitting, but in this case is all in stockinette.
I like it, looks more polished.

This is the pattern to make these drop stitch stripes :

* cast on x number of stitches you need for your project
(for this sweater, I casted on 91 stitches and knit on tubular for 10 rows)
* knit stockinette for how many rows you desire
* (pic 1 and 2)  on the knit side of your work, while knitting your stitch, wrap the yarn twice on the needle, keep doing this for the whole row
* (pic 3, 4 and 5) on the purl side, purl only the first loop on your needle, and let the next one drop - this is how the stitch get loose and will give the elongated look.
* (pic 6)  you're going to see the result of the drop stitch only after you've done with the purl row
* knit on stockinette for 4 rows
* repeat this process alternating row of stockinette and a drop stitch for how many rows of "loose stripes" you want to create.

Note: if you want a more elongated look to this stitch, you will need to wrap the yarn 3 or more times, and on the purl side, purl always only the first loop on the needle.

... can't wait to finish my new sweater!
I'll show you the result soon, hopefully ! :)

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)

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