Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm in business, am I?

In the past few days I've been working non-stop for my first batch of accessories... 

that are now in a store!

A real store, with walls, windows and pretty stuff inside!
Oh my, I can't believe it! 

My friend poses in front of her store:
Elisa Boutique - Bergamo - Galleria Fanzago
"If you want to be unique
You have to be different"

I did have the idea to open a virtual store on Etsy, but you know, at some point, maybe in the winter.

When I've got here in Italy few weeks ago my best friend saw one of my necklaces and she wanted one for herself (yes, I packed few supplies to keep me busy while here, and good thing I did!!).
Well, my best friend happens to be the owner of one of the best boutiques in my hometown, so she asked if I could make some pieces for her store... needless to say the answer was a capital YES!

She picked the stones that matched the clothes of the collections, and I've got very busy.

Yesterday it was delivery day!

for the colorful bracelets here 
the yellow/black/white necklace here 
the agate slice necklaces here

She loved every single one. 
As a matter of fact, she put them all on display in the windows and on the dressing forms already.

I have to say that see the pieces adorning the beautiful silk dresses, in a beautiful store, in the center of town gave me big butterflies in my stomach!

xox, d.

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