Saturday, June 11, 2011

grey 3D flowers

Last year I was at Dillard's and saw a Yansi Fugel top that had a great detail at the neck line.
The top was a heavy weight cotton/wool blend, and didn't quite like the 'corset' like shape.
(and to be 100% honest, I din't like the price tag either!!)

...But you know me, I'm all over a t-shirt redo.
Snapped a picture, got home, 
and (of course) made a knockoff my own version.

--> To make this shirt, you need:
* a plain t-shirt
* some matching jersey fabric/ leftovers from other projects (or not-so-matching could work nicely as well)
* a piece of some iron-on interfacing fabric
* thick upholstery thread
* a bit of patience... about 2 hours of your time

--> How-to :

* press together the interfacing and the jersey fabric that you want to use for the decorative flowers
* cut out all the different shapes
* sew around every part with the upholstery thread (I used an off white to have a more detailed stitching)
* place and pin the petals, leaves and buds onto your t-shirt - this is how I laid out mine:

*** to create the 3D effect, you'll need to sew only the edges of the parts onto your t-shirt pinching the middle of the petals / leaves / or rounds***

This way, the flowers will end up being thicker, and dimensional... note that pressing the shirt after a wash you'll "squeeze" the flowers a bit, but while you'll wear it, these flowers will get back in their pretty 3D shape!

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)

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