Saturday, June 4, 2011

fashion comebacks

While I was  having fun in my favorite hunting spot in the house cleaning up the basement the other day, I came across to a small pile of my mom's old magazines.

Nothing to be surprised about: two issues of  Burda 
and three italian knitting and crocheting pattern magazines.
I'm starting to believe that when I was a baby, 
my mom instead than a pacifier had most likely given me some yarn and a crochet hook !!!

But that red floppy hat on the cover looks pretty 'today' to me, and most def the striped pink, lavender and blue sweater... doesn't give you the sense of something Miuccia Prada pulled out?
Oh, and check that white lace dress and jacket on the right... Dolce & Gabbana, anyone?

Dated between 1963 and 1966, no kidding!

Of course, at this point I sat down and started to go through. 
Yes, the editorials look a little dated and most of the pages are black and white.

- exhibit A - from left to right: 
* color blocking... totally 2011
* color of the year for 2011 was declared ... orange, just like that killer halter dress!

* scarves as head pieces... yes, we saw quite a few of those in recent editorials, I believe!
* red red red... I'm having a red itch and so J.Crew, Zara, TopShop and few others this year!
* ... granny squares top and ... what do I see on the bottom right? tassels!!! 

- exhibit B - from left to right:
* nautical! ... and stripes :) I'm all over it - I would love to have that shirt and that bag!
* do I see honeysuckle... and tooth hound? Love it!

* more color blocking, white and black. Very Jil Sander  
* and neon pink and flower prints... summer 2011 = neon allover and more!

Some of the patterns of the knitted and crocheted sweaters and shirts are so good I need to find a scanner to keep these. 
You know, for these long winter nights when knitting is just the best one can do :)

Hope you enjoyed this 'time machine in fashion' short journey as much as I did!

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)
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