Wednesday, June 22, 2011

door stopper

Here at home in Italy we don't have a/c. 
For about 11 months of the year it isn't really a need.

First thing in the morning, I open the window and let the fresh air coming in from the nearby mountain.
I need to mention that my windows are also not provided with bug screens, therefore the curtain does a double duty of keeping my bugs friends on the outdoor where they belong.
If it really gets hot, I open several windows at once to get some air flow, which means that now and then the windows are slamming, and curtain ripping... (and me coursing...)

Door stopper(s).
Pile of books isn't an option anymore ;)

scale is in kg
Got a big stone (roughly 3.5 lbs), wash it and dry it.
 Got busy with my crochet and cotton and start working on it!

The rock I used is heavy enough to keep the window from slamming, and in case the window would move it, I crocheted the whole bottom as well, so won't scratch the wood floor.

I don't have a pattern, since the stone is an irregular shape and I had to improvise to get it to fit.

It's a series of double stitches and chain stitches to form arches, and when I've got to the wider point of the stone, I wrapped it and keep crocheting with the stone in place decreasing at every round, until I've got to the end at the center.

My attempt was inspired by the the beautiful crocheted pebbles 
created by the super-talented Margaret from 'resurrection fern'. 
We all know her creations (I could bet on it) and  love her eye-candys pebbles.

As you can see, the top part is slightly more regular than the bottom. 
... good enough for the first trial :)
resurrection fern
.. Mine is definitely not as pretty as the originals, but is way better than the pile of books :)

xox, d.
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