Thursday, June 9, 2011

cover a stain: with tea stain

These used to be my favorite summer shorts.

They look pretty sad in this peachy color, 
and all these wrinkles...  
they used to be a light kaki.
Something went very wrong here.

One day, I discovered some weird looking spots, in random places.
I have a doubt that they got washed and a one of these 'wondering lonely dark sock' was in the washer and did the trick.
Anyway, washed several times, with all kind of cleaners with no luck.

Finally, I bleach them.
... and the peach color come out. 
Of all colors, peach is really not my favorite.
uh, and the stains are still there...

I'm giving tea stain a try, even if I only did it in the past for small items, like a doily or stuff like that.
Dunno what's going to happen.

For now:
* I prepared 3 kettles of very dark tea, (I'm an earl grey kind of person, don't drink this, so I feel like I gave good use to something)
* dumped my shorts with hot water, poured the tea and put the shorts in
* I'm going to leave them in tea until tomorrow, but I'll check now and then the stain color
* Remove the tea bags or they will probably leave darker stains
* I placed some spoons on top to avoid to float and have lighter area (although I would be fine with it)

If they'll be good enough... there's a project coming soon.
Otherwise... you can always trust Rit in a darker color.
The bottom line is: I'm going to save them!!!

stay tuned for the next episode!! :)

xox, d.
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