Wednesday, May 25, 2011

w-w-w... W

What I Wore Wednesday is a big thing on the blogosphere. 

In my case is more of a 4 "W" affair:  What I Wore the Whole Week ... 
One word: SWEATPANTS ;) !!!

This is why WWW doesn't work for me:

First off all: looking at the various pictures on my blog, you can realized that if there is a part of my body in the shot to show the "product of my work" wether is a t-shirt, or a knit sweater, or a ring, or bracelets.... usually I'm always wearing some sweatpants! 

Second: I don't like take photos of myself. Either I don't like it or doesn't work, whatever. Any picture I attempt to take comes out awkward, so might as well just skip this step.
If I have to, I just "decapitate" myself, easier.

Add 1st and 2nd together, and comes out I'm the sloppiest blogger/diyer ever! :)

I do wear other clothes than sweatpants and sweatshirts, really!
As a matter of fact, you saw many of my self made or self-adjusted clothes here.

But nothing is comfortable as a pair of 
gently oversize, slightly unflattering, mostly unshaped, but oh so soft: ...  sweatpants.

It's my "at home" uniform (sometimes is also my "it's a quick errand, hopefully there's nobody around to notice me" uniform).

I thought I should give a tribute to my most worn outfits. (and most hated by my husband)

But now I really curious: are you really all that put together and looking fabulous, all matchy-matchy when you're at home minding your own business?
(if the answer is YES.... chapeau to you, but don't tell my husband!!)

xox, d.

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