Monday, May 23, 2011

trasformation of a pair of pants

A professional organizer would tell you 
that after you haven't worn a piece of clothing for an year, 
you should get rid of.

In theory, I agree.
In reality... I never do it. 

I get attached to things, and even if they go out of style, either they could make a comeback at some point, or I could make something out of it, at some point.
This was the case with a pair of pants that I have purchased in year 2000 (yes, laugh!)... and they haven't been worn since... about 2002, I believe.

Well, in my "to-do-list" and inspiration folder on my computer I have a pair of tied to the ankles pants since last summer, but I never got around to actually make it happens.
Until the light bulb went on when I've got in my inbox the new J. Crew line in collaboration with Prabal Gurung.
Two hours later, I had a brand-new-look pair of pants. 
Which I L.O.V.E.

It all started from this:

--> Make it happens!

* You need... pants, of course
* Contrasting 3/4" grosgrain  (your leg length X 2 + your waistline + 100" + few inches extra just in case )

* If you have a pair of skinny pants to begin with, good for you!
* I had to make mine smaller, so I traced a line on the inside seam, bast it, tried them on to make sure they fit well.
* Open the inside seams of the legs.
* Bast the grosgrain on the outside seam.
* Sew the grosgrain on both sides on both legs.
* Do the same on the waistline.
* Press the legs, sew back the inside seams, cut off the extra fabric, hem the pants, ... and press them again with a crispy crease :)
* Take 2 pieces of 50" of grosgrain, fray check the edges, find the middle part and stitch at about 2-1/2" from the hem line.
* Tie a bow around your ankles, and you're done!

... and the moral of the story is: before going out shopping, shop in your closet! 

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)


  1. So amazing D! I love these sooo much. I'm not quite sure my sewing skills are as good as yours though but it's definitely something to try! I love the colors you chose better than the J. Crew ones :)

  2. Very creative! You gave them a whole new fun look. I feel like I look so strange in skinny jeans..I have yet to find the perfect pair

    Delighted Momma

  3. Excellent lesson!! It CAN maake a comeback, one way or another!!

  4. I decided a while ago to stop giving away clothes who are to smal or to big. The fact is that i had to buy new clothes over and over again because i gained a lot of weight. So i gave away clothes that were really to small, realising that i was fooling myself thinking that they would fit again some day. But when my relation ended, i lost 30 kilo's without doing something and I had to go shopping again because everything was to big. That's when i decided to keep my clothes, even when they didn't fit anymore and that was a good decision because a year later, i started to gain weight again and this time I didn't have to spend a lot of money on new clothes because the old ones fitted again. I don't think i'm going to loose that weight again , but you never know...


  6. I'm already a follower of yours on Google and FB. I have to put your blog in my blogroll, though, because these pants rock! Great job!

  7. I LOVE repurposing my used clothing, and can't agree with you more that shopping your closet BEFORE you head out to the store is the way to go. Great project, and wonderful creativity! Look forward to reading more from you:)

    Stephanie from Deviantly Domesticated

  8. I have the same way of thinking, thats why my closet is always bursting at the seams, haha


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