Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY wrap wire: this star is mine

Summer: light weight fabrics, tan skin, sandals and... what's missing?
... A cool, sparkly, big jewelry piece around your neck.
... And if it's shaped like a star, even better :) !

I made my own.

--> You need:
* glass beads
* natural pearls
* 6mm Swarovski Crystal Beads in different shades
* moon stone beads 

--> How-to / tutorial:

* start by drawing a star on a piece of paper, including a ring on the top, this will be the pattern you'll be using to bend the 18 gauge HH wire in shape
* once the star and the ring on top (to make it as a pendant) is done, twist one end of the wire around the next part of the star few times so it won't get undone
* cut the wire and eventually twist it again so it won't pinch you, nor your clothes ;)

* take the 28 DS wire and wrap it in one of the junction of the star
* start beading the big stones first, scattered around (this will give you a sort of spider-web so you will have plenty of wrapping spots for the smaller stones and the beads)
* bead some of the small glass beads on the 28 DS wire (5 or 6 at the time), wrap it onto the structure of the star, bead some more, until you'll be happy with the result!

This is how the back of my star looks like!
... and if you'll make one, you know to snap a picture and send it over here, right?

enjoy the summer!
xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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