Sunday, May 15, 2011

show me some love!!!

Hello there!!

Well, this past week-end was a bit of a Friday 13th kind of drag; but at least I've got one good news (I'm one of these people that sees the glass always half full!)

Now, show me some love!!!
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#3 --> click on Inspiration & Realisation (that would be me!)

Now, feel the pity for the Friday 13th corse ....

First of all, as a lot of us very well know, blogger gave us a nice present by killing posts and comments for a good day and 1/2.

While for most of you this was just enough of a bad Friday, for me was just the beginning!

As I mentioned few days ago, I was following (literally, since he's always walking on a super fast pace) my husband in a business trip in Brazil.
Salvador de Bahia - one of the many crosses in town
(note the sky and feel my pain)

Of course, this place is closed on Sunday
it would have been great source of inspirations

... It's the rainy season here. So much for bringing bikinis and flip flops.
Pouring down for three days in a row.
If it wasn't bad enough, a very slow internet connection (that would drop every other second).
So, while my husband was in meetings, I was at the hotel reading. (why didn't I bring my knitting?)
Not just that. I ate so much I need to be on a diet for the rest of my life.
Anyway, from Salvador de Bahia now we just got to Rio de Janeiro. Today was a beautiful day here in Rio, while we were in Salvador with the rain.
...It just started to rain in Rio. I guess tomorrow won't  be a suntanning day.
... At least here the wifi is running fast.
The wifi isn't the only one running.... the taxi driver (in his 70's) who drove us here: I'm pretty sure he was somehow related to Airton Senna!

What did Friday 13th bring to you? 

xox, d.
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