Thursday, May 26, 2011

rope & silver

... what's not to like?

I was monitor shopping the other night , and I stumbled upon these bracelet by Orly Genger and Jaclyn Mayer for VPL...

image - collage by me

So I started from something like this, added an old silver bracelet that hasn't been worn for the past xxx years, ... et voilà.
(and made a couple few more, since two is better than one, and three is the perfect number, you know!)

...and since I don't wear yellow gold, 
and I'm not big on tie dye, 
... I like my version better. 


--> Make one? (or more...)

* about 6" of silky rope (let's say 50 cents at the very most - but if you ask and smile, could be free ;) )
* a bracelet or a chain just about 1/2" longer than your rope (again, 50 c)
* two end caps with ring (I buy these in bigger quantities, but even if you get two of these... 50c)
* a clasp (50 c)
* jumprings (2 or 3 depend if you're adding an existing bracelet or a piece of chain) (20 c)

* glue the rope into the caps
* fix the chain with a jumpring on one end  
* twist it around
* another jumpring on the other end...

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)
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