Friday, May 6, 2011

reality show

Do you watch tv?
Mostly I am a DVR-er kind of person, to skip the ads, and the "previously on xxyyzz" parts.

Project Runway and The Ultimate Collection? oh, yeah.
Inspiration à go-go.
And the love-hate designers? Best part!

Anyway, my last year "I can't stand you" Project Runway designer was Mila.
She was very capable, no doubt, but what's with the attitude?

I made this copycats t-shirt last summer, and I got so many compliments I can't count.

* Hanes t-shirt
* ruler
* water soluble marker
* grey fabric paint (or mix black and white, like I did)
* brushes

All you need is a firm hand to color within the lines and you're done!

xox, d.
will link to these parties *<:)


  1. Woah, this is so cool looking!!! And I loveeeee project runway. I'm so excited for the next season!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

  2. I'm finally catching up on Wandering Wednesday's Blog Hop and have followed you via GFC.
    Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  3. looks sooooo good!!! I would have never guessed you painted it.

  4. That's awesome! Simple but such a big impact

  5. I <3 Project Runway! This shirt looks great!

  6. Super cute I have some ideas for this!

    Found you on Craft O' Manic

  7. i love this idea! turning a plain shirt into something one of a kind is right up my alley. may have to try a design of my own. i'll let you know and link back to you when i do! this is the 2nd time i've came to your page from a linky party, so i'm following you now. stop over sometime :) andiejaye @

  8. Who would think these are copycats? Thanks for linking this awesome post and the other creative posts you have at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. It's a great Mothers' Day present for me :)

  9. What?! I favorited a post of yours, but now I have to favorite your whole blog! Great great ideas! Have a good day!

  10. Wow! That's great!!! Be sure to come link up on Thursday!

  11. coming over from Kim's Today's Creative Blog and gotta say how much I'm loving this! I need to invest in some fabric paint! My problem is that I don't like the colors of plain tshirts at the fabric store...will still keep my eyes peeled though. Great project!


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