Friday, May 13, 2011

pop art brush holder

While I was organizing my new shelf the other day, I was sorting brushes, markers, pencils, pliers (you know, the essentials!) and wanted to keep my brushes separate from the rest.
The pencil holders that were in use (the tiny IKEA planters in white) are a big too wide and bulky.

I wanted something smaller, lighter, red, and possibly kinda of cool.

Is there anything cooler than pop art? 

Andy Warhol Campbell's soup cans collection @ MoMA
--> I ate a tomato soup for lunch (which I don't like, but you have to suffer, sometimes).
--> Removed the label (easy, it's only glued on one side of the can).
--> Washed and dried the can and the top.
--> Bended the top of the can a little more for 'drama'.
--> Glued back one side of the top on the can.
--> Put my brushes inside.


I frugaLOVE you, Andy.

xox, d.


  1. This is sooo cool! I love the pop art Warhol influence of it, and especially love that it's an item that would normally be thrown out (recycled)! Perfection!

  2. Hilarious. Life imitates art imitating life.

  3. That is fabulous donatella! Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  4. Love these! As an art teacher and fellow crafter, how come I always rip off the labels? ha!

    Would love for you to share at Calling All Crafters!

  5. That is such a simple, yet pretty idea! Love it!
    Thank you so much for sharing this @ {nifty thrifty sunday} last week as well!
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  6. I can't stop laughing about this one. It is so simple and brilliant. Warhol would be proud! And I can follow the instructions. A pop art exhibit will be arriving to my work area soon ;)

  7. Thanks Lynda! every time I look at this brush holder makes me smile :)

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