Sunday, May 1, 2011

A-POC Queen Textile

I was at MoMA few days ago, and I was completely in awe in front of this experimental work from Iseey Miyake and Dai Fujiwara. 
Extremely bright red, a big roll of fabric hanging on the wall on one side, finished garments on a dummy on the other side.
The fabric is produced like you would see the paper doll dresses on a piece of paper, only it's tubular fabric, so you can actually wear these pieces of clothing. 
And minimal to no waste.
Pieces of clothing cut outs like a puzzle.
Chapeau, guys.
Of course my pictures aren't very good. but internet is a great source of good photographers :) 
Check this photostream on flickr!
A-POC Queen Textile - image from

You only need let's say 10 of these in different colors if you don't want to be head to toe in red :)


enjoy May Day!

xox, d.
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