Sunday, May 15, 2011


If you follow my Facebook page (and if you don't... why?), you know that I don't get pre-approved  from fancy boutiques credit cards, but from the Home Depot.
Oh well, a girl need to shop!

When the hardware store meets beads.... here's what you get!


kabiri image from - collage by me

Kabiri's ombre bracelet retails at $88.00. 
$ 0.58/ft clear plastic hose internal ø 1/2" x 1/2 = $ 0.29
$ 0.50/each copper end pipe ø 1/2" x 2 = $ 1.00
$ 1.90/each beads x3 = $ 5.70 (and a ton left for next projects)
$ 1.50 clasp & jumprings (at the most)

--> grand total of  $ 8.49 <--

for less then 1/10 of the retail price, here you have another fun summer bling!

* drill a hole in the end caps, so you can wire a loop to add the jumprings & clasp
* glue gun one side of the hose into the end cap
* fill with beads of your color choice 
(I started with the pearl, then mix pearl with light blue, then light blue, then mix light blue with dark blue, then dark blue) 

* glue gun the other side of the hose into the other end cup

* you just saved about 80 bucks!
... you're welcome ;)

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)

You might have noticed, the end caps turned from copper to silver-ish.
I planned to spray paint them, but then I remembered that I had a bottle of 'liquid silver', and gave it a try. 
I don't know how long the silver plating will last, or how it's going to wear off. 
Anyway. For now silver is.

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