Tuesday, May 3, 2011

meet the pack

The fact is: for 3/4 of my time (about the time that I spend in NY) I don't have pets anymore :( ... feels so weird.
But when I go back to my home town in Italy, I have my two trouble makers, plus my parents' other two (reality is now my parents are stuck with all four)... 

Meet the pack:

Lucky: female, about 7 years old, full blood "heinz 57". 
I was supposed to be her foster mom, yeah right.
Adopted and returned to the pound 3 times, she was scheduled to be euthanized. They called me if I could foster and see what it was 'wrong with her'.
What is wrong with her? oh, boy...
Long story short... she has allergies to almost anything: I mean, grass of all kinds, trees, pollens, flowers, roots, dust, fleas, mosquitos... did I mention that we used to live in Texas? 
I didn't want her to be intoxicated with benadryl so I got an appointment with a vet dermatologist to start the vaccine and immunotherapy... guess what? she had a severe allergy reaction to the immunotherapy.
She won't walk with men. She used to freak out just to see men, but got better, actually she loves my husband and my dad a lot, but when it's time to go for a walk, she only wants her mommy; which is kind of rewarding, right? Ask me how I felt when I was sick!
She is also freaked out about any noise known to men, and since we moved to Manhattan, that became a serious issue. She wouldn't want to walk outside, to the point that I had to carry her out of the door and sometimes even in the streets, because she would 'play dead' and lie on the sidewalk (with people asking me if my dog was sick - the answer yes, but only in her head)... ah, and she refused to pee or #2 on a surface that wouldn't be grass: which meant 3 miles round trip x 4 times a day to the closest dog run. 
I could go on and on, but I said this would be the short version...

Spota: male, about 5 years old, a golden retriever wannabe dog!
He was a stray in my neighborhood in Houston. I chase him down for three weeks, bringing him food every day to gain his trust. If I think at the amount of hours walking around, heat or rain, trying to catch him, it's insane. 
He was so popular in the neighborhood that the night I've got him (with the help of three guys and a female (dog) in heat) everyone stepped outside and clapped their hands!

This is the picture of him in the crate the night I finally got him, he is not smiling, he's actually panting and wining...

Turned out he had heart-worm and all kind of parasites inside and outside his body. 
Fully recovered, got neutered, and he's a happy, goofy, laid back guy :).

This is Birba, which means 'trouble maker' in italian. 
Female, about 8 years old, another great full blood mutt. 
She destroyed all the legs of our patio furniture when she was a puppy (seriously, looked like we had an invasion of beavers).
Now she is down on plastic bottles (that would steal from the table) or toys. 

She is not big on sharing: the toys are mine, all the attentions have to be for me, food is mine, whatever you think is yours it's mine. 
...Got the picture?

The story couldn't be closed without Gilda, my mom's very own baby :)... I gave her to my mom almost 17 years ago, and believe it or not, she is still alive! ...And rules the house, of course! She weights  4 lbs, has a deadly breath, not very many teeth left, has cataracts, almost deft, but for the most she is fine! 
You should see her jump up and down when is food time!

If you made it through the end... thanks for survive all this bla-bla-woof-bla!
xox, d.


  1. I love the pup pics...so cute and great stories!

  2. They are adorable! I especially love the story of catching Spota! :)

  3. thanks! i miss my babies so much!!

  4. Oh your a good doggy Mommy! Glad you have rescued the pups! They are all adorable!!!

  5. What a blessings these sweet babies have you and your family to love them! Such sweet furr balls!!!

  6. What great stories for all your fur babies! What a good loving Mommy you are,they are lucky to have you too. Thanks for sharing at my pet party.

  7. They are so adorable!! Your a great mom to your fur babies! Martina

  8. All so cute! You have a such a good heart!


  9. Your babies are so lucky to have you! We need more people in the world just like you!

  10. my dog is just like Lucky, a rescue who is allergic to everything, scared of men (except my boyfriend, brother and dad) and obsessed with her mama :)

    cute dogs!!!

  11. Love all the stories! Lucky is so fortunate to have you for a mommy. I admire your patience!!

  12. hi everyone this is Beatrice iam so thrilled to meet you all and what a great Mommy you have :)

  13. I can tell you have a very kind heart- I admire you greatly for adopting dogs who have some health challenges! They are all gorgeous dogs!

  14. Thank goodness for people like you. All of these darlings deserved a chance at a good life,and you gave them that.

  15. Hi Donatella...thanks for visiting my blog. I'm here from Debbie's. Your doggies are wonderful and I really enjoyed meeting them. How nice that you adopted them. I have been watching a few Schnauzer rescue sights and may someday take in another schnauzer. While I'm still working full time I feel as though one dog might be enough. Nice to meet you...~Ann

  16. I am always amazed at how much we put up with for our pets. That was quite a story, I'm laughing but feeling bad at the same time, poor Lucky! I did make it to the end and look forward to reading more of your blog...Newest follower. I'm a pet portrait artist and would love it if you followed back. I have a pet portrait give away going on!


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