Tuesday, May 10, 2011

makeover! (and a little bragging, too)

Sunday I convinced my husband to go with me to CB2 to purchase a shelf for "my corner" (a.k.a. my office space) CB2 is only 3 blocks away, but since the shelf I wanted it's metal, I figured it would be heavy to carry on my own (and I was right).

CB2 wall mounted shelf
... And I was really happy with my new shelf. Once at home I started to clean up all the mess on my desk, and ready to install my new piece of furniture, and declutterizing everything, because it was really not looking good.

Then my husband left on a bike ride.
...and he came back with his bike (of course) and ... this!!!

Holy cow!!!


... I.had.to.brag. ...c'mon.

xox, d.


  1. I am SO jealous!! This looks amazing. I need those shelves! And what a fabulous husband, getting you that killer monitor!!

  2. looks good love the wall shelf!

  3. What is a DIY?


  4. Looks great! Yay for the new computer!

  5. Love the shelf! lucky you, what a fun suprise!

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful husband you have! I can imagine him on his bike, pedalling all the way back to the house with the treasure unsafely balanced on... on what? How did he manage?
    Your corner looks pretty darn awesome! I am still in the planning stage for my crafting space. The kind of planning where you weigh up your options, check the balance of your bank account, reconsder your options and start thinking about stealing bricks from your neighbours building project to make your own shelving system. Once I have stolen... err, rehomed those bricks, I think I'll have to paint them red, I love your colour scheme!

  7. he had to walk back on his bike shoes (the kind that have the funny toes up shape and the thingy under your feet) carrying the huge box and his bike. 3 blocks, but still... he's a keeper, indeed.
    the shelf it's actually the only new piece of furniture in my 'corner' everything else were the kids' furnitures... ikea :)


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