Tuesday, May 10, 2011

makeover! (and a little bragging, too)

Sunday I convinced my husband to go with me to CB2 to purchase a shelf for "my corner" (a.k.a. my office space) CB2 is only 3 blocks away, but since the shelf I wanted it's metal, I figured it would be heavy to carry on my own (and I was right).

CB2 wall mounted shelf
... And I was really happy with my new shelf. Once at home I started to clean up all the mess on my desk, and ready to install my new piece of furniture, and declutterizing everything, because it was really not looking good.

Then my husband left on a bike ride.
...and he came back with his bike (of course) and ... this!!!

Holy cow!!!


... I.had.to.brag. ...c'mon.

xox, d.
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