Saturday, May 28, 2011

leather bow ring

If you aren't new here, you know that I have a thing for bows.
Bows previously seen: herehere, and here... just in case you've missed the 'bow saga'.

So while I was pinteresting around, (like I needed another addiction, right?) I found on Asos the perfect quick fix for a ring that I had in the bottom of my drawer for ages.
... and transformed my old ring, into a brand new one that now I'm going to actually wear.

...and here's the side by side with the inspiration one from Asos:

--> This is what you need:
* a flat band ring
* a piece of leather
* your trusty glue
* scissors - ruler - matching thread and needle


--> This is the 15 minutes "how-to":

* measure the width of the ring and cut three pieces of leather of the same width
   1st slightly longer than the circumference of your ring
   2nd about 4" long
   3rd about 5" long
* glue the 1st piece onto the ring overlapping the edge of about 1/8"
* take the 5" long piece and glue the edges together, making a loop
* flat the loop with the glued parts in the middle, and squeeze it while wrapping few times around with the thread and knot the thread
* take the 4" long piece and make a knot over the squeezed part.
* cut the tails of the bow into a 45 degrees angle
* glue the bow onto your ring
* wrap it with a tissue and place a binder clip to keep it in place
* ... and because you're a good girl, you're waiting until is really well dried :)

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)
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