Friday, May 6, 2011


I have a knitting dilemma.
I know: decisions, decisions, decisions...

I have in my stash a lot of this
It's a two tone navy blue cotton yarn... which I would love to see transformed in the shortest time possible in something like...

all pictures from
collage by me
which one would you pick?
...cuz I like 'em all and I'm having hard time in the decision process...

...and once I'm done, of course, I'll share the pattern!

xox, d.


  1. I like the openwork sweater by Chloe!

  2. The shredded sweater is sooooo cute. God I wish I could knit just so I could make it. Looks like I'd be spending a pretty penny if I wanted it!

  3. I like the shredded sweater (top left) - the bottom design is really interesting!

  4. Well, if I was making something new, I wouldn't want it to look like it was already old. Does that help you decide? Personally, I like the torn look, but more in the t-shirt family, but then I'm old fashioned.

  5. If I had a perfect body, I would go for the first.
    But I haven't...
    So : if I had to choose, I would chose the last one and make it a bit longer....

  6. Oh yes, I choose the cropped sweater made a little longer too!

  7. I love that grey shredded sweater!

  8. I like the rag and bone. Would love to see it when you're done....I host a knitting party on Fridays; Fibers on Friday.

    Stop by if you get a chance :-)

  9. Oooooh! JNBY is my vote! I have some similar yarn from my stash that I am looking to make into something as well....I don't think anything that thin translates into a quick knit.


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