Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY - JCrew tee - flowers on and on

Last year I fell in love with a J Crew tee that I had to make it. More than once...Twice, almost three times!
It all started with a t-shirt and some silky leftover fabric, but then I liked so much that I also made a cashmere twin set for the winter, cutting out an old, almost felted angora vest. 

Cut out the flowers, arranged on the shirt/twin set, pin in place, and sew them down.

* 12 big
* 13 medium
* 10 small

I sew the flowers on the shirt with a matching thread, and since the fabric for the flowers is very thin, I overlapped the flowers quite often.

* 13 big
* 9 medium
* 14 small

* 5 big
* 5 medium
* 6 small

For the twin set, I preferred to sew the flowers with a brown thick thread, and to add more texture, while the twin set is a stockinette, I sew the flowers on the reverse stockinette side.
I didn't overlap that much the flowers on the twin set to avoid having very thick spots, only now and then, to keep the overall effect.

The flowers aren't fray checked, but I had no problem washing either piece, the t-shirt has been machine washed several times and passed also the dryer test. 

Twin set has been hand washed and laid flat to dry.

It's a very easy way to update a plain shirt, or a stained one, or even one with a hole! :)

Have fun making one for yourself, and don't forget to send me a pic!

xox, d.
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