Friday, May 6, 2011

cheap&chic pet bed

DIY an easy and washable pet bed

If you have a dog, you know all about rainy days, muddy days, chewy days, leaky days, dusty days, found a bone-or-dead-creature-and-having-fun days... do you need more "exhibit XY days"?
There's plenty of traces in their beds, usually...
Our beloved doggies can be quite messy.
Well, for sure mine are.
Lucky & Spota

... Lucky has everything blue to be color-matched to her blue eye... Like this bed, for example :)

She loves it: it's comfortable, easy to wash and, of course, since you pick, can be matched with every decor in your home (and/or any color scheme you are into (and therefore your dog, duh.)).

You can have the fall/winter version and the spring/summer one just by picking different fabric weights.

Because, let's face it: unless you spend an arm and a leg on pet's beds, they can be quite ugly, and most of the times some parts get damaged in a series of ways, so you are left with a portion of a pet bed and a hole in your wallet.

This pattern will be suitable for a 40 to 50 lbs dog, resizable easily for a smaller or bigger pet. :)
(don't forget that I'm tech challenged, so drawing and taking a picture is the best I could come up for a pattern... click on the picture for a bigger size, sorry and thanks for your understanding)

how-to: the pattern

If you can sew in a straight line, you can make it!
--> MAKE your own (name of your pet's) bed:
* cut the two pieces of the pattern, leaving about 1/2" sewing allowance 
* zig zag or serge the pieces

* take 8 pieces of m/f velcro and sew it down as in the picture, folding in your sewing allowance to have a finished edge
* take your ribbons and pin in place as shown the picture
* fold inside out the four "flaps" of the pattern and sew the side without the velcro
* reverse your fabric on the right side
* sew down the folded "flaps" along the rectangular base 

* fold the flap toward the wrong side of the fabric and pin it in place

* pin the top part onto the bottom part (the flap folded of the top has to be inside)
* sew it down on three sides (leaving the opening where the flap of the top is)

You can either go with batting or foam, it's up to you (and your pet's preferences, of course), but either way, it's fast :)

* if you decide to go with batting, you need to have a pillow made on the size of your base without the flaps and four round "sausage" pillows for the sides, so you can remove those parts for being washed
* if you want to use foam, just cut the five pieces of foam and you can decide wether you want to insert the foam directly in the bed or you want a quick "any fabric will work" cover for it.

Tie the bows on four sides and you'll get a happy HIG PAWS, I promise you :)

xox, d.

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  1. My sister would love one of these for her pug (although in a much smaller size since he is 14lbs!) thanks for the tutorial!

  2. that is great. I will be making this in the near future. THanks.

  3. Thanks so much. Your timing is perfect. I just got a puppy. I will be making this.

    Thanks again.

  4. that's awesome! hope to make this for my pup- but will adjust to his rather large size :) (male chocolate lab)

  5. You don't seem tech challenged. This looks pretty easy and I'm not very talented in these matters. :) This will definitely come in handy when one of our boys ruins the next doggie bed. Replacement will be stylish. THanks!!

  6. What a clever idea! I end up throwing away my dog's bedding when it reaches the beyond repair stage. This looks fairly easy- I can sew in a straight line! What I really like about your idea is that I can put in memory foam for him now that he's getting a little older.

  7. This is a great! I would love to try this for my two fur babies. I'm visiting from Debbie's newbie party. I'm now following you. Thanks for this great idea.

  8. I have been wanting to make new beds for my cats in a fabric I want! Thank you I book marked this! I'm your newest follower, hoping you can visit and follow me back


  9. Thanks for these instructions! I never thought about making my own dog bed! I am a new follower. Found you at the newbie party.

  10. What a great idea! I like that you can adjust the patter for any size dog.

  11. Wow that is awesome, sure wish I was this talented!

  12. She's so cute! The bed is great and I love how there's room for some toys.
    Gayle from Vintage Farmhouse

  13. How cute! Love your babies too!

  14. This is such a great idea! You are right, those things are so dang expensive to buy. Now I can have one for every room. Okay, so that is a little ambitious :)

  15. I just liked you on FB and followed you on Google. I saw you at Polly Want a Crafter? I can't believe you made this. You make it look easy, too. I don't have a dog, but I'm thinking I could do this as a present to a friend. Thanks for posting - another project into my favorites.

  16. Thank you so much for this pattern and amazing idea! My little puggie woo will love this. She now has 5 beds around the house, but I think they all need to be refreshed and this would be the perfect way. And I could match them to the decor in each room where she has her beds.

  17. P.S. Love your doggies - they are adorable!!

  18. I love it!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  19. Cute! How would you recommend washing this?

  20. I take the foam parts off and wash it in the washing machine, on a warm-warm cycle. goes in the dryer as well.
    if you need to wash also the foam parts, can be washed on a warm-cold cycle and lay flat to dry, hope this helps!

  21. Thank you so much for this pattern! I would love to try sew this for my dog, Conchita, and Dart the cat!

  22. Thank you for the pattern. Im gonna take a stab at it this weekend.

  23. In advertising for the orthopedic dog beds sale, and pet beds included, advertisers will use attractive and descriptive words such as luxurious, the best, cool, fashion, custom, designer, orthopedic and discount prices, which are fine. However, more importantly, support, pressure relief, comfort and durability are the words that should be your primary concern.

  24. I'm going to try this made out of old jeans that I've been saving. It's not "designer" but my cats won't mind and it's cheap! Thank you for the pattern.

  25. I was just wondering if those noodle things kids play with in the pools would work for the edges of this. You could slip them in and out to wash it. Thank you for sharing this pattern with us! Our Boston Terrier really needs another bed since the one he has can't be washed! :( Thank you!

  26. This is the best pattern I've found yet that isn't just a pillow, but has sides! I love that it's adjustable to any size and has removable stuffing. I plan to double up the fabric (cover the stuffing sausages and pillow part) and maybe use some sort of metal snaps in place of the ribbons. My girls would likely chew the ribbons and love to chew plastic buttons. They have also destroyed beds in the past by playing with them or ? I wasn't around to witness of course! I hope I have enough old jeans lying around to make some tough beds for two 60 pounders!

    1. Hi Kate! How about some strong metal snaps buttons? I'm Lucky because my dogs aren't chewer (not anymore at least) they only play with their squeacky toys ! xox, d.

  27. Thank you for the pattern. Made this 2 days ago for Happy ---loves his new bed very much. Pamela

  28. I really stink at reading patterns. Is there any way that pictures could be added to this tutorial to make it easier for a beginner to sew?


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