Friday, May 6, 2011

cheap&chic pet bed

DIY an easy and washable pet bed

If you have a dog, you know all about rainy days, muddy days, chewy days, leaky days, dusty days, found a bone-or-dead-creature-and-having-fun days... do you need more "exhibit XY days"?
There's plenty of traces in their beds, usually...
Our beloved doggies can be quite messy.
Well, for sure mine are.
Lucky & Spota

... Lucky has everything blue to be color-matched to her blue eye... Like this bed, for example :)

She loves it: it's comfortable, easy to wash and, of course, since you pick, can be matched with every decor in your home (and/or any color scheme you are into (and therefore your dog, duh.)).

You can have the fall/winter version and the spring/summer one just by picking different fabric weights.

Because, let's face it: unless you spend an arm and a leg on pet's beds, they can be quite ugly, and most of the times some parts get damaged in a series of ways, so you are left with a portion of a pet bed and a hole in your wallet.

This pattern will be suitable for a 40 to 50 lbs dog, resizable easily for a smaller or bigger pet. :)
(don't forget that I'm tech challenged, so drawing and taking a picture is the best I could come up for a pattern... click on the picture for a bigger size, sorry and thanks for your understanding)

how-to: the pattern

If you can sew in a straight line, you can make it!
--> MAKE your own (name of your pet's) bed:
* cut the two pieces of the pattern, leaving about 1/2" sewing allowance 
* zig zag or serge the pieces

* take 8 pieces of m/f velcro and sew it down as in the picture, folding in your sewing allowance to have a finished edge
* take your ribbons and pin in place as shown the picture
* fold inside out the four "flaps" of the pattern and sew the side without the velcro
* reverse your fabric on the right side
* sew down the folded "flaps" along the rectangular base 

* fold the flap toward the wrong side of the fabric and pin it in place

* pin the top part onto the bottom part (the flap folded of the top has to be inside)
* sew it down on three sides (leaving the opening where the flap of the top is)

You can either go with batting or foam, it's up to you (and your pet's preferences, of course), but either way, it's fast :)

* if you decide to go with batting, you need to have a pillow made on the size of your base without the flaps and four round "sausage" pillows for the sides, so you can remove those parts for being washed
* if you want to use foam, just cut the five pieces of foam and you can decide wether you want to insert the foam directly in the bed or you want a quick "any fabric will work" cover for it.

Tie the bows on four sides and you'll get a happy HIG PAWS, I promise you :)

xox, d.

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