Friday, May 13, 2011

belts à la jil sander

Have you seen how cool are these Jil Sander's belts?
Good old times with the two rings belts...

If you want to make one for yourself, just follow the easy step-by-step tutorial that I posted here and another one here!

...and if you want to make the two-toned one, just keep reading!
This is my version: hot pink & purple-greyish
(a close look at the polyvore website and I figured it has only one ring)


* get some nylon webbing (or if you have the leather in the color you like, of course it's even better)
* grosgrain in contrast color in the same width of the webbing (mine is slightly smaller, but I like it anyway, and comes from my stash, even better)
* one D ring
* matching threads
* sewing machine
* a flame

* pin the grosgrain onto the webbing
* thread your machine with color #1 and the bobbin with color #2
* sew a straight line ;) and repeat on the other side
* cut one side straight and the other in an angle and burn the edges so it won't fray

* place the ring and fold the side with the straight line
* sew it on both sides
* yeah, this is really all!
pictures from
collage by me
xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)
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