Monday, May 9, 2011

arm candies

bright nylon rope + lanyard = perfect summer bracelets!

Help me! I can't stop making those fun summer bracelets!
When I was making the Phillip Lim knockoff necklace, I stumbled on  Jenni's post about these Brette Sandler arm candies..., and funny enough, I was starting to make some of those, only using nylon cords instead of gimp.
Having quite few leftovers from thisthisand this past projects, I really had to, really... I am just being a good girl and using my stash before buying something else. ;)
Some circular, some in a chevron shape, mixing colors randomly.
For more info on how-to-lanyard: go here!
Taking the lanyard from summer camp to resort collection!
Those are so perfect for summer that I might keep them on until the fall... I don't even care if they'll leave a tan mark on my wrists!

--> much needed ingredients
* for a 6 1/4" lanyard (i'm not measuring the clasp) you need 5 ft of rope in two different colors
(of course if you'll use thicker or thiner rope will make a difference, so give it a try first!)
* one big clasp
* one ring
* some flame

--> make it!
* I start the first stitch of the laneyard by braiding the ring
* once you have the desired length, cut the the ropes leaving about 1 1/2" and burn the ends 

* wrap two ends of one color around the clasp and stitch it
* wrap around the loop the other two ends on the rope color #2 and stitch it

now repeat with different colors
...again more :)

(at least this is what happened to me!)

xox, d.

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