Monday, May 2, 2011

another agate slice necklace

When I bought the batch of agate slices, I made several things based on this tutorial, some for me, one for a friend, and one each for the s-daughters, in their favorite colors (I'm not that bad as a step-mom!).
I wanted to make another one for me, and change the style... 
...and since this year I'm having some sort of a "green itch" I came up with this... do you like it?
...because I'm freaking LOVING IT!
too bad St. Patrick day is long gone :)

--> much needed supplies: 
* one agate slice (duh) in your "itchy color"
* random ribbons, yarn, suede cords in  same color scheme of the agate
* 18 gauge Half Hard sterling silver wire
* chain - 2 soldered rings
* a lobster clasp
* two end caps
* pliers, scissors, glue gun, thread and needle... you know, the usual :)

--> MAKE IT!
* take a random bunch of all the ribbons, suede, yarn and folded in three parts (will be the length of your necklace) 
* tape it on your counter (or somewhere)
* wrap it around tight while sewing it back and forth to make sure all the parts are secure and tight
* give it a nice clean cut
* wrap the base tight with some tape and cut the excess tape

* arm your gun (eheh, I lived in Houston TX for 6 years!!!)  and glue in place the end caps where you previously wrapped the clasp  
* let it dry and clean the excess glue

--> wrap the agate slice:
* take a piece of suede (about 8" long for my agate) need to be about three times the circumference of the stone
* place a small amount of glue (be sure that the glue will dry clear) on the side of the stone, and start wrapping the suede around
* when the first round is complete, keep wrapping and glueing and when you want your stone to have the pendant ring, slice the rings inside the suede, and keep wrapping and glueing.
* I wrapped about 3 times, keeping the suede uneven, since the slices are not always the same thickness all around
* once is all wrapped, keep pushing the suede onto the agate until is nicely secured in place, and let dry very well
* with a dump q-tip remove the messiness leftover from the tacky glue :) 

* now, get a round stick, or a big marker, and coil the sterling silver wire around
* when your hands will be just enough sore you'll have about 1 1/2" on the stick, take it off the stick and with the round nose pliers create two tiny rings on both end of your "spring"
* adjusting it with your hands, shape the coiled springy silver in a sort of a smile... :)
* pass the chunky twisted ribbons & co. inside the spring
* and pass your agate slice through the spring until it's right in the middle of it

And you are good to go with another stunning piece handmade by you!

Enjoy, and if you will make one, don't forget to send me some pictures, so I can show it here!!

xox, d.

she made it!!!
check her blue version! and the rest of the blog is really cool and full of inspiration too!

will link to these parties *<:)

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