Thursday, April 28, 2011

wardrobe challenges

I love shoes, I mean... who doesn't?
I went shoe hunting today: result... ZERO found :( 

There is a whole lot of frustration that comes with shoes in my case.

I'm a size 4, yup: just like Cinderella...

When it's about sneakers, I don't do that bad, I simply buy a size 3 or 3 1/2 Y and usually I can even save some money (although if I particularly love a certain pair of sneakers that's not in production in the kids' version, I can forget about it).

Trouble comes when it's about high heels, wedges and stilettos...
Some designers have some 4 or 4 1/2, and are usually shoes that I don't really like.
Most of the time, shoe sizes for women start at 5 or 5 1/2: if you want to picture it, it's like when your toddlers used to wear your shoes around the house, same thing.
(and same noise of clapping heels on the floor)
I am a big customers of insoles, plantar's pads, heels' pads, not to mention cotton balls in the toes... :(

Winters are easier, two pair of socks and an insole and my boots get to fit me just right!

But when it comes to sandals or pumps...  there is always a big gap between my heel and the heel of the shoes... 
Pretty much like...
like these YSL sandals? 

YSL - image from Jak & Jil Blog

oh, I'm feeling so much better now!

I'm so taking my pumpkin pulled by mice and going shopping for size 7 right now :(
Sorry, Yves, but these sandals don't look right. NO - NO.

I like when shoes fit, wrap my feet, almost tight.

What is your wardrobe challenge (if any)?

xox, d.


  1. I have problems with my feet being too wide. They can't slide far enough into opened toed shoes which just looks awkward. My feet are too wide to wear flats which is a huge disappointment. I walk weirdly which means that any shoes with extreme support are killed by me. I feel bad for you though! I know I'm not a big fan of Hannah Montana tennis shoes!

  2. Ok I truly hope this is not too much information, but my wardrobe challenge is that I can't find any jeans that fit right. Most pairs are too low and I get the dreaded muffin top, or they are too high and look like old lady jeans. it is very frustrating.

  3. Hey, same here... I'm am size 4 too..or..3 1/2.. or size 36 or 35...and all the gorgeous ones hardly offer that sizes...I remember I have to go to Thailand to hunt for shoes... they offer pretty shoes with size start from 3! Amazing?

  4. Well, it's the other way round for me.

    I remember being in a little chinese shoe shop once - they had the most gorgeous shoes - but the biggest pair was still four sizes too small :)

  5. I wish small feet were MY problem...but it is the boobs! I usually have to get 1-2 sizes bigger in tops just so the boobs can fit and I don't have any gaps!!!!!

  6. My problem is the opposite--I have big feet! But I'm also between sizes, so I'm around a UK8.5. Most shoe manufacturers stop at an 8. Have also got wide, shallow feet, but the wide-fit shoes available are often deeper than the standard fit too (like you, I am a big customer of insoles!) and a lot of places that sell up to size 9 also make them wider and again, they don't fit. Thank goodness for insoles and heel guards!

  7. I'm happy I'm not alone!! I found a pair of shoes that will fit after a little insole, just a quick fix!!! :)

  8. I have the same problem. My feet are between 4 1/2 -5. I can get away with a 5 in boots easily. But pumps they end up fiting like a 6! yeah it bites and our small feet look so sexy and cute in pumps!

    1. I don't understand why designers don't even consider us anymore. most brands start at size 6 :(


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