Thursday, April 28, 2011

wardrobe challenges

I love shoes, I mean... who doesn't?
I went shoe hunting today: result... ZERO found :( 

There is a whole lot of frustration that comes with shoes in my case.

I'm a size 4, yup: just like Cinderella...

When it's about sneakers, I don't do that bad, I simply buy a size 3 or 3 1/2 Y and usually I can even save some money (although if I particularly love a certain pair of sneakers that's not in production in the kids' version, I can forget about it).

Trouble comes when it's about high heels, wedges and stilettos...
Some designers have some 4 or 4 1/2, and are usually shoes that I don't really like.
Most of the time, shoe sizes for women start at 5 or 5 1/2: if you want to picture it, it's like when your toddlers used to wear your shoes around the house, same thing.
(and same noise of clapping heels on the floor)
I am a big customers of insoles, plantar's pads, heels' pads, not to mention cotton balls in the toes... :(

Winters are easier, two pair of socks and an insole and my boots get to fit me just right!

But when it comes to sandals or pumps...  there is always a big gap between my heel and the heel of the shoes... 
Pretty much like...
like these YSL sandals? 

YSL - image from Jak & Jil Blog

oh, I'm feeling so much better now!

I'm so taking my pumpkin pulled by mice and going shopping for size 7 right now :(
Sorry, Yves, but these sandals don't look right. NO - NO.

I like when shoes fit, wrap my feet, almost tight.

What is your wardrobe challenge (if any)?

xox, d.
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