Monday, April 25, 2011

tulipulì tulipulà

Another t-shirt: more paint, please.

This shirt was born a while ago, (in my BBE a.k.a. before blogging era).
I was thinking to make something graphic, big, bold, very summer-ish.
I might sound really 'off' but I'm not into the "fruit-trend" that is exploding for spring/summer (oh well, I'm so yesterday, you know)...oh, but you never know, you might see me in less than a week covered in strawberries and cherries! (never say never, right?)
Anyway, I took a piece of paper, and start drawing-and-erasing: and I came up with this big tulip:
To make into a shirt, my original idea was to use freezer paper, but then the drawing was big, and I wanted to go all the way to the back - so I decided to just transport the drawing onto the shirt with a water soluble marker and start painting.

--> tips: (If you have a glass table, stick a light under it, if you don't have a glass table, stick the shirt and the drawing on the window!)

I'm quite pleased with the result, have to say...


And then... I saw the Versace fall 2011 collection (please note her name is also Donatella, indeed [although I'm not a big fan of the line]) and I gave myself a big pat on the shoulder!
Versace FW2011 detail

The fact that I'm not into the fruit-trend isn't because I'm so yesterday, but because I'm so tomorrow, ah!
I feel so much better now... ;)

xox, d.

will link to these parties *<:)
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