Saturday, April 16, 2011

trashion burberry prorsum

Sometime i just can't stop patting my shoulders, you know?
Today is one of those days ;)

In my 'inspiration folder' I put some time ago the Burberry Prorsum 'jumbo paillette top': I have a thing for circles... (looks like "I have a thing" for lots of things - that's another story for another day)

Shopping in my closet, I found this "vintage" (read: very old) cropped short sleeves light merino sweater that looked perfect for an update!

Easy to do, right? A top, big sequins sew on... done.
Burberry Jumbo Paillette Top

Looking at these big sequins I've got an idea (a brilliant one, btw... yes, I'm that modest):
Today I'll make my own jumbo sequins!

Clear plastic sequins like... AQWARD PLASTIC CONTAINERS??? 
Trashion to the top, and on the top.


* grab your recycle bin and get all these plastic "awful-wrapped aqward-shaped" containers (my containers come from:avocados, cheese, electric stuff, toys, takeout food)

ah, btw: my husband didn't quite understand why I was so happy about his new razor... I was only looking at the box, my dear! Yes, he is the first follower of my blog :)
* peel off the labels
* wash and dry containers
* use a dry erase marker to draw circles with a can onto your pieces of plastic (no sharpies, even with alcohol the mark won't come off completely)
* cut the rounds
* punch a hole on the top

* with some alcohol, clean the marks left on the circles and leftover glue from the labels

* repeat 'X' number of times until you have enough sequins for your top

* place the sequins on your top, and with an water soluble marker mark where you'd like to sew the sequins to be (I went for random effect)
* sew onto your top
OLE'! You just "burberry-ized" yourself :)

--> TIP --> another idea: if you have a strong enough paper punch, you can cut flowers, hearts... endless shapes possibilities...

...Now, if you don't mind, I have to go out and do some grocery shopping, since I would like to update a little black dress with some sequins  :) 

xox, d.
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