Saturday, April 16, 2011

trashion burberry prorsum

Sometime i just can't stop patting my shoulders, you know?
Today is one of those days ;)

In my 'inspiration folder' I put some time ago the Burberry Prorsum 'jumbo paillette top': I have a thing for circles... (looks like "I have a thing" for lots of things - that's another story for another day)

Shopping in my closet, I found this "vintage" (read: very old) cropped short sleeves light merino sweater that looked perfect for an update!

Easy to do, right? A top, big sequins sew on... done.
Burberry Jumbo Paillette Top

Looking at these big sequins I've got an idea (a brilliant one, btw... yes, I'm that modest):
Today I'll make my own jumbo sequins!

Clear plastic sequins like... AQWARD PLASTIC CONTAINERS??? 
Trashion to the top, and on the top.


* grab your recycle bin and get all these plastic "awful-wrapped aqward-shaped" containers (my containers come from:avocados, cheese, electric stuff, toys, takeout food)

ah, btw: my husband didn't quite understand why I was so happy about his new razor... I was only looking at the box, my dear! Yes, he is the first follower of my blog :)
* peel off the labels
* wash and dry containers
* use a dry erase marker to draw circles with a can onto your pieces of plastic (no sharpies, even with alcohol the mark won't come off completely)
* cut the rounds
* punch a hole on the top

* with some alcohol, clean the marks left on the circles and leftover glue from the labels

* repeat 'X' number of times until you have enough sequins for your top

* place the sequins on your top, and with an water soluble marker mark where you'd like to sew the sequins to be (I went for random effect)
* sew onto your top
OLE'! You just "burberry-ized" yourself :)

--> TIP --> another idea: if you have a strong enough paper punch, you can cut flowers, hearts... endless shapes possibilities...

...Now, if you don't mind, I have to go out and do some grocery shopping, since I would like to update a little black dress with some sequins  :) 

xox, d.
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  1. I am not the type to pull this off safely (we are talking combat pants and Doc Martens here, and lots of tattoos), but I still appreciate a genius knock off. And this IS genius! 405 bucks for something you can so swiftly recreate? Nicely done, girl!

  2. A-ma-zing recreation!! just a question (same for the burberry t-shirt and yours)... what about washing it without damaging the sequins?? LOL, greetings!!!

  3. hand wash and lie flat to dry, the tricky part is the ironing ... the sequins will shrink with the heat, so if it was nicely put flat to dry will help, and just iron while slipping the shirt on the ironing board and do the back... or don't bother and go for a scrunchy look, even better! :)

  4. scrunchie shall be! ^_^ thanks for answering!

  5. Wow! That is great. I never would have thought of that. You are brilliant!


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