Friday, April 15, 2011

sailor's knot belt: a leftover story

DIY sailor's knot belt

What do you do when you have some leftover ropes? 
You get creative and turn ropes into belt, simple-as-that.

This macramé knot (sailors' knot , macramé... it's a knot), is one of the very basic knot, very easy with ton of effect: it's the two strands Josephine knot.
You can make it just by looking at the picture below, it's very very easy.

Wanna doityourself one?
--> This is what you need:
* 5 ft white cotton twisted rope (or your circumference x 2 + about 1 ft)
*  10 ft jute cord (or twice as much of the white rope)
* strong white thread and a needle
* a big ring (mine is a O, but a  D ring would be easier)
ring and clasp you can easily find at your <3 hardware store or ... keep reading to know where mine come from!

Believe it or not, I-DID-NOT-buy-a-thi-ng for this belt, so I do get extra points for that!

Well, I had about 5 ft of white cotton rope leftover from this t-shirt refashion, and about 10 ft of jute cord leftover from this other t-shirt refashion, and... clasp and ring belonged to one of my dog's old leash (nothing get wasted here, ehehe... I washed them, btw).

--> Let's get it started!
* cut the hemp rope in half, and all the three strands in half (so I had 6 strands of 2.5 ft each) 
* following the drawing, make the first knot using the white rope (the rope I wanted in the middle)

* with the jute cord, go around following the white cord 
* and another time  so you end up with jute/cotton/jute 

* tie your knot and adjust the cords in place 

* keep the strands on both sides straight and loop it around your clasp
* fold and sew keeping all the strands aligned and straight
* cut the tails in the back

* repeat on the other side with the ring 
... and enjoy

xox, d.

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