Wednesday, April 20, 2011

rope: again. phillip lim: again.

Oh, well, what can I do if I can't help it and like so much this stuff that Phillip Lim does?

Phillip Lim 
I've got this bug to recreate this necklace in my mind ever since I saw it I believe, on
Then I've got carried away with so many projects and this necklace got pushed behind a little.
But today it was the day, I've got my acts together and start braiding the famous "lanyard stitch".

The making of this necklace it's an easy memory trip back to summer camp... 
I've knot the black/yellow lanyard in the circle lanyard stitch, while the black and the white are the simple box stitch (check the links for easy step-by-step instructions in case too long has gone since your last summer camp!).

--> The rule of the thumb is: get your pieces of rope of about  5 times the finished length of the lanyard.

Want to doityourself?
--> the ingredients:
* black rope - 12 ft
* white rope - 8 ft
* yellow neon rope - 4 ft
* yellow neon mason twine (don't know exactly, but to be on the safe side, I would say 15 ft)
* 6 jumprings
* two pieces of chain, the big rings one about 4" and the smaller about 5"
* 8 end caps with ring on top
* pliers, scissors, a flame and <3 glue gun <3

--> the recipe:
* cut the black rope in 3 parts,  
* cut one 7" piece of the yellow rope and keep the rest as is
* cut the white rope in half
* burn the end of the ropes so they won't fray
* braid the white, the black and the yellow/black lanyards
Well, here's a situation: while I was braiding the white rope, I noticed that the nylon cord was a little thicker and really slippery, so I wasn't able to get the lanyard really tight... I ended up making another one out of some white leftover cotton yarn so the lanyard it's similar in thickness to the others... 

* now, get the yellow 7" piece, and the mason twine: melt the two ends together while holding with the pliers 

* coil the mason twine around the rope until you reach the end of the 7" (you can use the help of the glue gun in tiny drops here and there to have the coil to stay in place)
* wrap around again, but this time in a random way, leaving a little "messy looking"
* keep wrapping until the end and finish it with a drop of glue 

* take the 3 pieces of lanyard, cut the tails short, hold the lanyard with pliers at the tails and melt the ends 
(I sew the tails in the white one since it's cotton and it wouldn't melt)
* now let's get serious with some glue gun action!
* get the end caps, put some hot glue on the tip of the lanyard and place it into the end caps 
(the metal will get really really hot, so better to handle the caps with the pliers... learned the "hot" way)
* once all the pieces have their end caps at both ends, start connecting them with the jumprings
* the sequence is: yellow/black+black+small chain+white+yellow+big chain
* the length is enough to wrap around my neck twice, but I decided to add a clasp between the black/yellow and the big chain, just to put it on and off easier... anyway: clasp is optional :)

and... I HEART it... 
the yellow neon cord is a little camera shy since it's reflect the light, so pictures don't give real justice! 
xox, d.
will link to these parties :)

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