Sunday, April 17, 2011

the other half's questions

When I started my blog, my husband became immediately my follower :) 
I had a total of ... 1 follower for some days, he is indeed, my fan!
Having said that, doesn't mean that he's not making fun of me, not at all!

I'm pretty sure this is quite common to the crafters' world, but I would like to hear your stories too!

These are bits and pieces of what's going on in my home...

The husband's questions and comments:

-  Nice sweater! It's a knockoff? So how much money have you saved today?

- Can I through this away or this isn't just trash but precious raw material for another or your projects?

- Sorry, I ripped this shirt, but I'm sure I'll see this fabric muted into something else, at some point, right?

This list could go on and on... it's your turn now!

Last, but not least: if you like this blog, follow me! 
As soon as we get to hit the 100 followers I'll post a giveaway!
It will be worth it! 

Happy Sunday, everybody :)

xox, d.
Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing


  1. ..."omG, I didn't say this! Are you gonna blog what I just said? Please don't blog it!"

    "Can we buy the usual coffee, or is there a jar you fancy?"

    (turns up at my work all excited) "Babe, can you teak a break? The charity shop just got a load of buttons, and I know you'd hate me forever if I didn't tell you!"

    "Just. Throw. It. OUT!!!"

  2. Here is a frequent quote from my family" Is this blogging material"? Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.. Please add my link or button, thanks:)


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