Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nautical, but better

What happens when a blue and white horizontal striped 3/4 sleeves shirt meet some red zippers?
...exactly this...
I've got inspired by this shirt, got to my sewing machine and make it happen.
Joan Vass Striped Bateau-Neck Tee
I ended up making something slightly different, by sewing another zipper on the side, and since my shirt had buttons on the shoulders (originally blue) I just change them in red.

--> You need:
* 2 metal teeth red zippers about 7"
* 1 metal teeth red zipper 14" (or any size zipper and size it on your own by following  my tutorial)
* sewing machine
* about 45 minutes of your time 

--> Few tips:
* wear your shirt and look in the mirror while pin the zippers in the right position to the sleeves and the front
* the zippers's carriage need to be next to your wrist and waist when the zippers are closed
* pin the zippers
* sew it on your shirt 
* cut the fabric under the zipper (it won't fray but if you want give it a run with a zigzag stitch)

totally resort!
xox, d.

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  1. That's cute!! The red is so eye catching =) x

  2. That punch of contrasting color is really cool on the sleeve - and I like that you added that additional zipper on the side!

  3. I've got the red fever lately!! thanks ladies!!

  4. That turned out really well - I love the colour combination. Zips have always kinda frightened me but maybe I should give them a try.

  5. I worn it once and got lots of compliments... give zippers a try, definitely!!!

  6. I like your shirt better! Love the red zippers! Have been refashioning some of my wardrobe and this looks like an easy do!

  7. it's a quick fix and gives ton of compliments! what not to like?

  8. I did'nt realize I have a thing for zippers but I love this idea too. Now I can't wait to get to the fabric store and buy my zippers.

  9. zippers are addicting, be conscious!

  10. I'v actually seen a shirt like this but the zipper was down the back and I really wanted it but it was to expensive! I think now I will make one :)


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