Sunday, April 3, 2011

my crafty limits...

One day or another I'll try all kind of crafts... 
I can't stop enjoying the fun that comes with the the process of the making, and the problem is, it's getting viral, and with this internet fever, I haven't even finished one thing that I'm already projected on the next!

I used to have a craft drawer, which slowly became a craft chest of drawers, and not much later have become a craft closet AND a chest of drawers... it's going out of control.
There is one field where, for sure, I'm well known for not having any creativity at all: the kitchen stuff (nobody is perfect, eheh).

Although I don't dislike a good, well prepared meal, I can eat the same thing over and over. Cooking doesn't appeal to me, I actually look at it as a duty - that, lucky me, I don't have to carry often because my husband is a great cook and he actually likes the process - I don't mind to clean up, btw.
But there is a part of the "kitchen stuff" that I like.

The other day I posted on my facebook status:
"I'm on a strict diet of Bonne Maman raspberry preserve cuz I need another pretty jar for my crafts"

yes, I'm that bad... 

How do you deal with the craft-fever?

xox, d.


  1. I drink Douwe Egberts coffee because I like the jars it comes in. NOTHING wrong with that! :D They are pretty, they hold loads of buttons and they are pretty. Oh, and they are pretty as well. The coffee isn't too bad, either. I NEVER purchased a layered pink skirt to make rosette flowers out of it, though. Not even last week in the charity shop. Wouldn't dream of it. Ever. Please don't check my closet...!

  2. I'm happy I'm not alone! and yes, this raspberry preserve is good, but i discovered only after i purchased it because of the jar. (and please show what that skirt that you never bought will turn into!!)

  3. I love that jam, and I totally understand how crafts can take over. I'm so happy to "meet" you.

  4. happy to "meet" you too! somewhere I read awhile ago something like "you are a real crafter when you're not screaming at your husband for that bad spot on that beautiful dress shirt, but you're happy because you know what you are going to use that fabric for" ... oh well..

  5. That's very funny! If you're looking for another way to eat more preserves you could use it as a topping for ice cream ;) I would be tempted to do the same thing because those lids are really sweet!

  6. Hilarious. I can't be bothered to cook either.
    I try to force myself to finish the projects I've started before beginning a new one. Otherwise my craft stash would take over.

  7. girls, thanks!! you are making me feel less guilty!! :)
    I'm trying to set myself the rule a new one (or a new purchase) only when -at least- an old one is done!


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