Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my corner

I love blogs, I'm a reader since the www fever started. 
When browsing was slow and the connection with the phone cable was making funny noises. 
Yes, I'm from the era when internet was one of the things that made jaws drop. 

I thought I was ok, until I started my own blog.

People... I'm drowning.

Who could believe that behind these pretty blogs, with pretty pictures, pretty well edited photos, pretty everything, there was so much work, and so much to learn?
I read something about the real people that own these blogs and I see often things like: "I'm a stay at home mom, with three children, a husband two cats and a dog. Love to do this and that, and in my spare time I have this blog"...
ok, here is me: I'm a stay at home step-mom of three children that now are all in college, my dogs are living with my parents in Italy because they hated New York (I'm kidding you not, I have vet bills to show), a husband that is often in the other corner of the world and I like to make stuff and since I started this blog I don't have any spare time!

Just to let you know: 
- I choose the design on blogger: first picture appeared on my screen, I liked it enough... good to go. --> 2 minutes ... not bad
- first post ... few minutes
- uploading a picture... not bad: good at the first shot
...I thought it wasn't a big deal.

- first tutorial uploaded in a linky party... oh, well. Ask Jennifer at Hope Studios about the exchange of emails... :)
- adding the button of the linky parties...  thanks for hosting, btw... since I was just a reader for long time, I appreciate this bunch of creativity all in one place.
Linky parties...yes, that was challenging. 
Well, sometimes I'm just looking for troubles, I thought it was much more difficult to what actually was, so I was trying to get an HTML code somewhere where it didn't like HTML, and I know it doesn't make any sense now, but I struggled quite a bit.
- When I was trying to get done this post with a PDF file ? ...two hours :)!  ah, and didn't even work ! 
uploading, embedding (I don't even know what embedding means, btw) anyway I was doing something wrong (surprise!!), until few coffee later, when I got it right.

- Then all these linky parties started to add up and I created a page. ... two hours, again.
- I was reading the post over at today's creative blog about the blog etiquette in these linky parties, and yes, thanks also to Kim that held my hand step by step and gave me some great suggestions.

- When Debbie at debbie-debbiedoos wrote me that I had word verification in my comments? (I didn't even know I had such a thing...) 15 minutes later I took it off, oh well, but first I had to find where it was that 'word verification thingy'...

- see that diy club charm on the header? I didn't do it :) ... thanks Cheri !

All of this bla bla blaing is only to say that you ladies, are NOT AT ALL "stay at home moms that happen to have a blog" ... to my eyes, you're web masters engineers :)  
Chapeau, seriously. 
I didn't know until a month ago when I started this adventure how much complicated I was going to make my life!
Anyway, I am still alive, learned something new,  and enjoying it a lot.
Ah, and I'm on a high caffeine level, it works wonders on my web challenged neurons.

...Still trying to get the fb page worked out (I gave up after few hours of frustration)... looks like it's ok now, so click it if you like it ;)
I can happily report that I was able to get the random number generator (took "only" 45 min) on my side bar for the giveaway that will happen sooner rather than later at 100 followers :)

Thanks to Carly, to Bev, to Michelle, to Rachel for their nice words and suggestions.

I hope one day I'll be able to reciprocate somehow. 

In the meantime, if you're coming to NY, I owe you lunch :)
Thank you all. I mean it.

xox, d.


  1. Oh Donatella, thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying blogging - and we all went through the start-up struggles. ;) Still am in my case hahaha!!

  2. I've been there too and still trying to figure things out! Nice job on getting the fb "like" button on your page...I just got mine on yesterday after what seemed like forever too! Glad I'm not the only one!



  3. I'm with you! Blogging takes more time than I anticipated! Somedays I do the bare minimum. Just so you know, I don't know how to do half the stuff you talked about! You are awesome for figuring it out! Keep up the great work!

  4. Ha, ha, you crack me up! I love that we all can find each other on her and share our knowledge and learn from each other. It's like a big ol' bunch of girlfriends helping each other out and offering inspiration :)

    So glad you're here and thank YOU!


  5. you girls are awesome! i had fun writing this post (one hour, ahaha!! as you might have noticed, english is not my native language, so it takes time to write with not so many mistakes) :)

  6. Oh my. Yes. I know what you mean. I remember that lttle ad from Google - 'Start a Blog. It's Free.' It should say 'Start a Blog. It's a Time Suck.'

    But a fun one. And you are a DIY queen. My goodness. I don't know how you crank the projects out so fast.

  7. your blog looks awesome! (like the map, btw!!!) i will be stuck with this baby blue theme for a while, since i heard what does it mean in $$$ to have something slightly cooler....
    ah, and last night i figured out how to get the numbers in the comments... went to bed at 2 am... 'nuff said :)


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