Thursday, April 14, 2011

me likey you, phillip lim

Yes, another t-shirt refashion (and more to come, since finally spring has sprung!!)

Phillip Lim, you got me with this rope t-shirt... I knew it was calling my name, right? 
Dear Phillip, I said my name, not my wallet... ;)


Phillip Lim
rope t-shirt $270

T-shirt and rope, what's not to like? 
I went right in full action and made-it-happen, but I warn you, this one requires a bit of dedication...

--> How I madeitmyself:
I had a long sleeves raglan t-shirt that was just perfect for the mission, and about 5 yr of white cotton rope.
Got my ruler and water soluble marker in motion, and by looking at the printout of the shirt, I started to trace the lines 3/8" apart.
Tried the shirt on, decided where to cut the sleeves,  measured the total length of the lines (just in case) and... 
I screamed - I mean: a lot.
My 5yr of rope were not even close to be enough, and changing the pattern wasn't an option.
The option was: run to the fabric store and buy some more! 
... and here is where I had to come up with the plan B: my rope was out of stock... so... decided I would go with a different kind: not white, not cotton, but this jute one, hopefully, I'll like it just enough.
Oh, and yes, to make this shirt you'll need about 10yr of jute cord.
I started to cut the rope in pieces to match the lines on the shirt, wrapped the edges of the rope with some thick cotton thread, and get all my bits ready... 
And this is quite time consuming.

But the best part is that my sewing machine didn't even want to try sew onto the hemp rope...: if you, like me, don't take no for an answer, hand sew it was.

That's the dedication part: hand sewing 10 yr of rope in a running stitch is beyond boring and beyond time consuming.
I dropped the shirt down more than few times, get to something else, and got back to work, so I don't have a clear idea of how much time from beginning to end, but it was A LOT.
half way done and so much rope to go
Anyway, I totally like the contrast of the hemp with the grey, and this is what counts!

xox, d.

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