Monday, April 4, 2011

master in color-blocking: mondrian

Color blocking is big for the coming spring/summer, I like it.
When I think color-blocking... I can't help it and my mind goes immediately to the one that is THE master of this art: Mondrian.
...  I know I'm not doing anything new here: big names already did their take on Mondrian...
Yves Saint Lauren, Moschino, Diane Von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, Nike, Vans and the list can go on and on.

My thing for summer is: nothing feels better than a t-shirt.
Yes, I do like dress shirts too, but I don't like what it comes with them (ehm... pressing), so usually my summers are filled with t-shirts.
Some are plain, solid colors.
Most are not... like this Mondrian shirt that I'm making today...
--> You need:
* a white t-shirt
* fabric paint in red, yellow, blue and black
* masking tape
* paintbrush
* ... and a little patience 
--> Let's get to work and:
* stretch your shirt onto a cardboard covered in saran wrap or a plastic bag
* print the picture that inspires you: I went with the classic YSL Mondrian day dress 
* grab the masking tape and create some of the blocks you want to paint first
* I decide to go blue first... and then red

* let it dry
* continue the masking tape process onto the next: I did all the black lines

..and right when you think that everything is going pretty well...

* AAARGHH!! see that "dot"?? ... piece of advise: leave it as is, don't try to rub it off. It's only going to make it worse(learned the hard way)
* *#@$@$#<* yes, you can course a little (I did, at least)
* let it dry (and get a coffee, or something)

* mask the last part
* get to the yellow at the bottom
* let it dry well
* remove it from the cardboard
* press it on reverse to fix the colors
* wash it and dry it at low temperature to remove the "stiffness" of the paint

Overall, not bad. 
Except for that DOT (in the yellow block on the right).
Sorry, Mondrian.
xox, d.

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